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WRC World Resources Company GmbH is 100% Carbon Neutral!
WRC WRC World Resources Company GmbH is 100% Carbon Neutral!

WRC World Resources Company GmbH is pleased to announce it is implementing a long-term company net-zero carbon solution.
Since January 1, 2021 all operations of WRC GmbH are 100% carbon neutral.

For decades, the staff and management of WRC World Resources Company GmbH have set the goal of protecting the environment and recovering non-renewable resources. Increased use of rail transport is just as much a part of the measures as the installation of our solar modules for energy generation.
The greatest challenge at the moment is the question of global warming. The main causes are the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that warming will continue to increase if decisive and consistent action is not taken immediately.
In order to take leadership WRC World Resources Company GmbH has decided to use renewable climate-neutral energy. Our main energy sources of electricity, diesel, or liquid gas used, will only use energy sources from eco-certified suppliers. Our green electricity comes in part from our solar array and from sustainable systems of renewable energies that meet the prescribed environmental standards. We also rely on climate-neutral suppliers for other energy sources and thus follow the Kyoto Protocol drawn up in 1997, which is updated by the Paris Protocol that came into force on November 7, 2016.
We believe WRC World Resources Company GmbH is to be the first company in our industrial sector to be 100% carbon neutral. These efforts are internally supported by the implementation of the ISO 50001 guideline.
WRC World Resources Company GmbH has included the implementation of ISO 50001 in its management program and had it successfully certified by the registrar SGS, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland.

We invite you to partner with us to enhance your climate change programs. Please contact us to discuss how we can implement recycling solutions that bring additional value to you and your business!

Climate Neutral

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